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‘Orange Is The New Black’ (2015) – Where It All Began

With season three of House of Cards and Daredevil‘s debut round already devoured by most, TV-bingers are anxiously licking their chops waiting for Netflix to release the third course of its other successful series, Orange is the New Black. Until then, though, the streaming service has been unapologetically teasing fans and feasters alike with teasers, posters, and the appropriately cheeky hashtag, #SorryNotSorry.

And with the release of a brand new trailer, Netflix is not only teasing what’s to come for our favorite Litchfield ladies–beyond an already-confirmed season 4–but also reminding us where it all began, considering a lot has happened and changed since Piper Chapman first arrived to the women’s prison.

One of those changes comes in the form of Piper’s unstable, constantly shifting relationship with fellow “lesbian lover” Alex Vause, who at the end of season 2 was arrested once again for violating her probation. Judging by the trailer, she lands herself right back behind Litchfield bars and potentially into Piper’s arms – which could be a very good thing, considering she had testified against her former drug boss, Kubra Balik, who was eventually not convicted.

Beyond a few emotional shots, though, the teaser is heavy on humor and camaraderie, highlighting the various characters’ amusing, oddball personalities that all make up the correctional “home sweet home”. And indeed – at least for viewers – the prison has become a crazy and dynamic home filled with equally crazy and dynamic inhabitants. As assistant warden Joe Caputo perfectly puts it, “These are complicated ladies in a complicated place.” And that’s exactly why we keep returning to the prison – thankfully, of our own free will.

Despite rumors that Vee, season two’s infamous villain, will most certainly return to wreak havoc in season three, nothing so far in the promotional videos or posters has confirmed this, leaving us to wonder who or what exactly the inmates will face this time around. A new inmate? A new security guard? Or maybe, as Poussey admits, the prison itself will begin to take its toll and beat the inmates down. Whatever happens, we can expect more drama, more laughs, and more signature Crazy Eyes moments. Believe the hype.

Are you excited for OITNB’s third season? And if not, why haven’t you ‘joined the addiction’?

Orange is the New Black season three will be available on Netflix starting June 12th, 2015.

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