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25th Anniversary Of The Undertaker: The Phenom Storied Career Coming Closer To An End

2015 has been an interesting year in the WWE when it comes to one of their most decorated and well-known performers, the Undertaker. In recent years, WWE has limited not only the Undertaker’s live appearances but also his in-ring matches, which have been almost exclusively reserved for WrestleMania.

But this year ‘The Phenom’ has not only made more live appearances for the WWE but has also competed in more matches than he has in recent years. His feud with Brock Lesnar over the past several months has produced three matches; one at WrestleMania 31, one at Summerslam and the last on at Hell in A Cell. And while fans may be content with Taker’s trilogy of matches in 2015, they should be prepared for even more.

WWE is heavily marketing the 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker’s debut at Survivor Series. It was at the 1990 edition of Survivor Series where ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase introduced his mystery partner. That partner, led to the ring by Brother Love, was the Undertaker, who put on an impressive display of dominance and also showed the pro-wrestling industry a new character that had not been see before.


Fast Forward to 2015 and the WWE is now preparing for the conclusion of the Undertaker’s legendary career. Like squeezing the last bits out of a toothpaste container, WWE is squeezing the last out of the Undertaker’s storied career and it appears he will have at least a few more matches before officially riding off into the sunset.

WWE has laid the foundation for a Survivor Series showdown between Undertaker, Kane and additional partners (one likely to be Sting) to square off against the Wyatt Family in a traditional, Survivor Series 8-man tag-team match.

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