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The Buzz Continues: Eugene Lee Yang

Written by J. Johnson

Not many people have the notion that Asians from every part of the world can be as successful as others. It’s simply not as true as others many think. I personally see the Asian community like every other culture/ethnicity in existence. Each has a valuable contribution to the world and aspects of showcasing their talents. Look at Jay Park, MC Jin, Jae Jin, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and others who rose to separate themselves from the stereotypical distinctions. Nowadays Asians and other cultural groups try to set themselves apart from those radical-demeaning stereotypes that I’ve seen one of those who have been mentioned in the past trying to be himself and set the example that no matter your race, creed, lifestyle (positive of course) will be judged by anyone.

“It’s supply and demand. Most Asian Americans, like myself, as a child, did not see either supply or demand of Asians on television. Now casting directors are using the bulls–t excuse of there not being enough demand, because they’re making less demand for it, so then we don’t see opportunities for ourselves, and we don’t try. I would never have supplied myself as an actor if I didn’t join BuzzFeed.” 

—Eugene Lee Yang via Kollaboration

He’s a producer, writer, director, actor, 1/4 of the ‘Try Guys’ at ‘BuzzFeed Motion Pictures’. His stance on his culture and many advents of pop culture are firmly for him to show the world that the Asian entertainer is not the average whitewash person being displayed on TV. He’s simply who he’s born to be and that himself; Eugene Lee Yang.

Born and raised in Texas, Eugene grew up in a community where he and his family were the only Asian faces among. He would have to travel 45 minutes by car to see any other Korean families in a church. At a young age, nobody guessed that the charismatic Eugene we know today was bullied for his Asian features and Korean cultural background instilled in him.

Eugene Lee Yang | Photo courtesy of Eugene Lee Yang

In our last article about the vibrant gentlemen, we explored his directorial side. It was something to really witness as you can see, Eugene truly has an eye to change the world’s perception.The artistic approach can be uniquely described as classic and profound in the eye’s of the viewer. Eugene is continuing like many other talented individuals that want nothing, but to make a name for themselves to evolve.

The love of art became something for Eugene to appreciate; from the illustration to the choir, as well as orchestra and dance. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a film degree in 2008, Yang worked as a freelance music video and commercial director for L.A.-based production company The Menagerie. Upon referral from a colleague, he joined BuzzFeed in 2013 as an online video producer.

We can simply praise his creative mind forever, but they’re a lot of traits helping Eugene be just himself. One trait that seems to stand out more so that the others is his eccentric lifestyle. No Eugene is not negatively strange, that’s just using the word loosely in the manner of admiring his way of making others laugh, becoming emotionally invested, and support the direction in which he lives his life.

Oh, but Eugene has always been himself, but BuzzFeed has given him the opportunity to share that with the world. It’s truly not a mistake of giving him the opportunity as he’s been with 3 guys that have created some memorable moments over the years. Fellow members of the group are Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, & Keith Habersberger. Each brings that sense of humor only Eugene seems to bounce off of. The Try Guys are a group of four guys that get out of their comfort zone by putting themselves in situations for the viewers enjoyment or to simply learn something new.

The Try Guys of BuzzFeed (from left to right: Keith, Zach, Ned, & Eugene) | Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed

Continuing his work with BuzzFeed & the ‘Try Guys’ today Eugene Lee Yang, will not only make his creative mind be known to the world but also show that Asians have a place in the world. Not to ignore them as an invincible group. It goes to show you that a guy will entertain you by getting naked, wear lingerie, imitate an infamous photo from a Kardashian, and many more other moments, you know his intentions are complete to make others laugh and to build a path for others (especially his love for the Asian culture) to succeed in the entertainment world. Honestly, I like the rest of us can only speculate what’s next for the charismatic, creative, and outgoing man to send the social media world in a blaze. The buzz will honestly continue until, Eugene says it’s over… It doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.

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