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‘Captain America: Civil War’: How Are Winter Soldier & Black Panther Connected?

The Captain America: Civil War news and rumors won’t stop. After set photos were leaked showing off Cap, Black Widow, Falcon and the first look at the villainous Crossbones some plot rumors have just made its way to the interwebs.

According to Heroic Hollywood, on its Instagram account, Winter Soldier and Black Panther are connected and will drive some of the plot for Civil War.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know the details of Captain America: Civil War now is the time to turn back.

The new rumor is that Black Panther will be hunting for Winter Soldier. It’s a vague and simple plot rumor for Captain America: Civil War. One that Heroic Hollywood has asked the fans to guess as for the reason.

Many of the answers given range from Winter Soldier being the one who kills Black Panther’s father to Winter Soldier looking to replace his metal arm with Vibranium.

Neither reason is likely — if we were betting on it — but if Bucky is the one who kills Black Panther’s father it wouldn’t be the first time Winter Soldier is rumored to be the one behind the death of a character’s pops.

Earlier reports suggested that Bucky is the one who kills Tony Stark’s father — which was kind of confirmed in the Winter Soldier film — and this is what drives the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that Bucky will be the force that pits friends against each other and forces Steve Rogers to choose between his childhood friend and his new Avengers pals. But if the rumors are true we know which side Cap is going to be on.

Besides, Baron Zemo and the Superhero Registration Act that caused the comic book version of Civil War to occur is confirmed to be part of the movie. So maybe the ‘war’ is not as simple as “Bucky killed the father I didn’t have much of a relationship with, anyways so let’s fight.”

Captain America: Civil War is not to set to release till May 2015 so there’s plenty of time to figure out the plot and there will certainly be enough rumors to go around. But let us know what you think of this new rumor in the comments section below.

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