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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (2016)

Following a brief tease on a mystery website, Square Enix has announced that it is developing “Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness,” the fifth instalment in the acclaimed RPG series. The news comes just days after Square revealed that a sequel to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” was also in development.

The news and first details come via Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, with details translated by Gematsu. The website notes that while no release date has been set for “Star Ocean 5,” the game will be developed by series veterans tri-ace, with director Hiroshi Ogawa taking the game’s reins. The game’s battles are seamless and occur in real time, following a growing trend in JRPGs. The way gamers attack in “Star Ocean 5” is dependent on how far away the player is from the enemy, and pushing buttons consecutively will activate combo moves.

“Basic battles are the same as previous entries, where the player-controlled character takes on the enemy in one-on-one battles. On the other hand, boss battles see the whole party squaring off against bosses, which lends those fights a different feel that players can enjoy,” said Ogawa.

Set in the year 537 on the space calendar, “Star Ocean 5” is set chronologically between “Star Ocean 2” and “Star Ocean 3” and takes place on Faicreed, an uncivilised planet 6,000 light years away from Earth. Three characters have been revealed so far. Fedel Camus is the protagonist, a fencer who protects the order of his village. Miki Sorvesta is the heroine and Fedel’s childhood friend; the two share a strong, sibling-like bond. Lilla is a mysterious girl who has lost her memories and emotions.

The game’s lead programmer, Yoshiharu Gotanda, who also served as lead programmer on “Star Ocean 4,” said that there were multiple meanings behind the subtitle “Integrity and Faithlessness,” noting that they would become clearer when fans played the game. Producer Shuichi Kobayashi said that one of the main driving forces behind “Star Ocean 5” was bringing a sense of reassurance back to longtime fans, explaining that this is why the game’s logo evokes “Star Ocean 3.”

 Here is the prologue translated into English:

Do the depths of space forbid peace for mankind—

Centuries after leaving Earth, after a multitude of trials, with the creation and spread of the ‘Galactic Federation’, humanity was on the verge of unified order and peace.

But the embers of conflict have begun to burn again.

Over 6,000 light years from Earth, on the unsettled planet, ‘Faicreed.’

Just as so many times before, the waves of history begin from a remote planet.

The game features “seamless realtime battles” with the attack depending on the distance to the target. Thus, there are also different attacks and skills for both close distances and far ones.

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According to Weekly Famitsu, Star Ocean 5 seems to be 30 percent developed.

Previously, the fourth entry in the series, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, was released in 2009. Currently, the release date for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is TBA.

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