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The Dark Knight Comes Out Of The City And Goes Into The Wild West

Here’s something for those collector’s or huge fans of the Dark Knight,

Square Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai line has produced some terrific-looking action figures, but this Wild West Batman may be an amazing figure to date of the classic superhero.

Part of the Batman Timeless series teased at New York Comic Con that will include Spartan Batman, Medieval Batman and Steampunk Batman, it’s like a glorious return to DC Comics’ Elseworlds titles. Standing more than 10 inches tall, Wild West Batman is ridiculously detailed —ornate, even — with a tattered cape, chaps, boots, a grapnel gun (with holster), tomahawk and, best of all, a cowboy hat with its own little Bat-ears.

Arriving in July, it’s available for preorder for $120 from Square Enix and retailers like Entertainment Earth and Amazon.



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