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‘Furious 7’ (2015) Review By: Kyle Pinaro

Furious 7 Review

By: Kyle Pinaro

   The Fast and the Furious franchise is something special. It doesn’t take itself seriously while it pushes the limits of the human body and the laws of physics.  The series is an unapologetically blatant testosterone fueled orgy of explosions and gorgeous cars, and it’s topped itself on each installment in the series. This time around a new director and the death of Paul Walker plagued production, which led fans and moviegoers alike questioning how the film would turn out.  So does this film surpass expectations?

   Thankfully, yes. First time series director James Wan expertly handles the film. The camera work is bar none the best in the series and exquisitely executed, especially in fight sequences and transitional pieces. The story finally comes together linking Tokyo Drift as a canon piece in the franchise and creating a living-breathing universe. It’s refreshing to see some familiar faces as well as some fresh blood. The action is phenomenal and the explosions are bigger and badder this time. However, it does have it faults.

   Plot wise the film is pretty awful, and the character building on Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is non-existent. He may be the most lethal villain yet, but his character is so boring and clichéd that you don’t even care about him. While the action set pieces were great, the final act in Los Angeles dragged so much it danced on the edge of monotony. Lastly, the dialogue in here was cringe inducing with a terrible delivery to boot.

   The big aspect of this film’s production was the huge mystery of what would happen to Paul Walkers character. Would he die or be retired? Well the filmmakers chose the right way to do it and retire him, but it’s done in such a warm and heartfelt way that makes you feel like Paul himself would be proud. The film is undeniably a stereotypical summer blockbuster flick, but it’s handled with such precision and care that it’s hard to ignore. The more you think about its logistics the less you’ll enjoy it. So leave your brain at the door and enjoy the ride.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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