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Tron 3 May Have Its Title Already

Tron 3 was recently confirmed as being headed into production in fall 2015, with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski back at the helm. It’s been awhile since Tron Legacy was in theaters (2010), but a lot have felt Legacy didn’t live up what the trailer built the movie to be. Nevertheless the franchise still has some passionate fans out there.

While details are still unclear regarding how Tron 3 will pick up from part 2′ s cliffhanger ending, some initial insight might be extracted from an alleged title for the film, which may have been revealed today. Read on for speculation about what a title like TRON: Ascension could mean.

As for the validity of the title: a film doesn’t necessarily need to lock down its title this early on –  however, Production Weekly was the same source that initially listed Terminator 5 under the production title Terminator: Genisys, so there is a certain amount of credibility behind the claim.

TRON Legacy Spoilers Follow!!!!

Tron 3 Ascension Title Tron 3 to be Titled TRON: Ascension?

Most fans would likely guess that the title TRON: Ascension somehow implies a new stage of the game (pun), following the conclusion of TRON Legacy. The biggest plot twist in the sequel’s climax was that the last ISO, Quorra (Olivia Wilde), made the jump from being a program within the digital world of The Grid to being an actual flesh and blood person in the real world.

Therefore, if TRON: Ascension is indeed the title, it would stand to reason that other factions or elements of The Grid world could begin to make the jump into the real world. And while the thought of light cycles racing down a real-world expressway sounds exciting, it also sounds like something out of the upcoming film, Pixels. Not to hold anything against Pixels…

TRON 3 Production Start 620x350 Tron 3 to be Titled TRON: Ascension?

While that synopsis is just speculation, it should be noted that when there was still a lot of momentum behind Tron 3 (in the wake of Tron 2), Kosinski himself hinted that the already had a title in mind for Tron 3 even then – one that would directly build off of the big developments of Legacy.

With a title like TRON: Ascension, what would you expect to see? Is the idea of The Grid merging with the real world something you’d be interested in? Or is another away to spin the “ascension” angle that you think would be better? Comment your thoughts below!

Tron 3 (or TRON: Ascension) has yet to announce a firm release date.

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