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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 4: Showdown At Lake Rage!

Credit: The Pokémon Company

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It only took the first episode for the fans of Pokémon to become addicted to this new series ‘Pokémon: Generations‘ for the sole reason it’s tailored to the video game legacy. The first episode introduced us to the series and the six known regions in existence. The second and third episode gave us an in-depth look at a squad chasing down Team Rocket. Episode three was released last week and showcased the never-before-seen aspect of your rival’s conquest of the Elite Four. All of which has a purpose serving the main story.

In this episode, we follow Lance, the leader of the Elite Four and dragon master, as he infiltrates Team Rocket‘s secret base in Mahogany Town. It starts with Lance‘s Dragonite battling The Lake of Rage’s Red Gyarados which has been acting strangely, and he intends to find out why. Later, Team Rocket detects and confronts him. There’s also a few surprises and suggestive clues going on in this episode, but you should watch the full episode below to make that assumption for yourself.

In total, Pokémon Generations will be comprised of 18 episodes, with each episode being released every week until December 23rd. What makes this series so special is that it follows the adventures we all played in the video game series, based on the franchise’s popular characters, locations, and stories, and they shed new light.

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