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Jurassic World (2015) – The Buzz Is Roaring Throughout the World

Well, the Jurassic World – Official Super Bowl Spot (HD) is going viral on YouTube, especially after it was shown during the first half of the Super Bowl. Posted to the Universal Pictures YouTube channel on February 1, the Jurassic World – Official Super Bowl Spot (HD) is going viral on YouTube because YouTube has given it their standard 301+ views that they give viral videos.

The Super Bowl Jurassic World ad appears to be different from the one shown in movie theaters, where new footage was shown of a woman getting picked up by a strange flying bird within the dangerous Jurassic World that traps 20,000 visitors inside the futuristic, throwback world with a dangerous animal running around terrorizing folks.

The Jurassic World Super Bowl ad will give parents nightmares, so says Forbes, which confirms that this Jurassic World Super Bowl ad was indeed different than other trailers released. In the wake of the Jurassic World movie trailer being released to such a large Super Bowl viewing audience, people are immediately taking to Twitter, YouTube and other social media accounts to give their two cents, which at first blush seem to include lots of complaints about the CGI quality of the raptors.

However, not every viewer was complaining about the graphics or lack of computerized imaging and video quality of the new Jurassic World. Some tweeted about their excitement to see the new film, even writing that they were more excited to see Jurassic World than the Super Bowl itself. Wyatt Jones ‏@wyattajones27 was one of those folks expressing that opinion.

“I’m more excited about Jurassic World than the super bowl.”

Those old enough to remember the original 1993 movie, Jurassic Park, remember how the Steven Spielberg-directed massive blockbuster brought frightening foreboding scenes simply from hearing the footsteps of the huge creatures, and seeing puddles of water vibrate. In that movie, paleontologists Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill) and Ellie Sattler (memorably portrayed by Laura Dern) along with mathematician Ian Malcolm (portrayed by the unforgettable Jeff Goldblum) were those selected to escape the Jurassic Park.

This new Jurassic Park, known as Jurassic World all these years later, opens June 12, and viewers are being led to for more information.

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