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Mortal Kombat X: The Man Of A Thousand Souls Returns

NetherRealm announced another addition to the Mortal Kombat X roster today. Ermac is now the 14th confirmed fighter for the upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

During the stream, the team also teased that it would be revealing a new kind of “-ality” in the next month. So far the series has seen Fatalities, Animalities, Babalities, among various other finishers like Friendship. The stream also revealed that some of the costumes used for reveals are actually alternates, so we haven’t seen the main costume for some characters.


Earlier in the week it was revealed that the reptilian ninja known as ‘Reptile’ will be making his return along with other veteran characters (Raiden, Kung Lao, Kano, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kitana, & Quan-Chi)

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