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How Can Captain America 3 Change The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We’ve written about Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming Marvel Studios film Captain America 3. Part of this is because Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrived on Blu-ray this week and the directors have been on the press tour promoting it, talking about the franchise’s future. But it’s also because we’re still coming down from the thrill ride that was the last Captain America adventure and can’t wait to see more.

So what have we heard about Captain America 3? There are firm details out there, such as Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier returning for another round of comic book movie action, but there are also some pretty big rumors and question marks. With Chris Evans contemplating retirement from acting, does that mean his days as Steve Rogers are numbered? Could Hawkeye or another established Marvel Cinematic Universe character find their way into a major role in the film? What is the latest huge alteration to the MCU that the Russos have been promising?

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