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WWE: Could Kurt Angle Still Have A Way In WWE Even If It Isn’t To Compete

Last month, a WWE legend made a decision that meant he wouldn’t return to the company. Kurt Angle, a former WWE champion, decided to re-sign with TNA several weeks ago. With Impact Wrestling on the brink, a guy like Angle will only enhance the product on their new network, which debuts in the coming weeks.

At the beginning of December, Angle narrowed his choices to re-sign with TNA or sign a new contract with the WWE. As soon as the news hit that Angle was considering a WWE return, the Internet wrestling community exploded. Since his departure on August 25, 2006, the community has missed the “Wrestling Machine.”

Even though Angle’s contract with TNA is for a year, that doesn’t mean he will never see the WWE again. In fact, WWE might sign Angle after his contract with TNA expires. It isn’t the way most WWE fans want, but at least Angle would be with the company. According to, Angle might return to the WWE behind the scenes.

“As noted, Kurt Angle has re-signed with TNA and obviously will not be making a return to WWE. WWE apparently did not want Angle back as a wrestler.”

“There’s still a feeling within WWE that once Angle is finally done and retired from wrestling in the ring, he will likely be hired for a coaching job at NXT.”

The WWE already has a multitude of amazing trainers at the WWE Performance Center. With Road Dogg Jesse James, Billy Gunn, Dusty Rhodes, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble already at the helm, having Kurt Angle come in to do the same thing will only enhance NXT. It’s no secret that WWE needs someone like Angle that has the rare combination of wrestling skills and microphone ability.

Men like Mick Foley, Edge, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan are really the only four with world-class microphone and wrestling skills. There are other men in WWE’s present and past that might do the same, but with the four aforementioned men, both skill sets were on another level. Austin and Rock were masters on the microphone, but weren’t world-class wrestlers.

For the trainers that were already listed, they don’t have as much exposure to professional wrestling in today’s product than Angle does. He will be able to take what TNA did that worked, and transition it to the WWE’s Performance Center. Remember, Angle wrestles with guys like Bobby Roode, AJ Styles (during his TNA reign), Austin Aries, and Bully Ray. Each man is either phenomenal on the microphone or in the ring.

After Angle’s contract ends with TNA, it will be very interesting to see how long it will take for him to go to WWE as a trainer. When that does occur, his Hall of Fame ballot will punch itself, as he is a first-ballot WWE Hall of Fame wrestler.

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