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Rush Hour Film Series To Be A TV Show?…

A “Rush Hour” TV series appears like it could be close to production. Its premise could also work well with the format that many shows on television currently follow. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday (Sept. 30), it is Warner Bros. Television that has already begun developing the project. The intent would be to have it run as a prime-time show that would probably take heavily from the source material provided in three box office hits.

The three films starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as detectives that were branded as having come from different walks of life. Chan played Hong Kong Investigator Lee and Tucker played Detective Carter from Los Angeles. As seen from the box office numbers, the comedy pairing worked well and made both men very wealthy. The worldwide numbers reached $849.7 million total, with each of the sequels doing better than the original. It’s possible that a fourth film could have been made it Tucker were to sign on.

The creation of a “Rush Hour” TV series just seems to make sense in regard to the popularity that the film franchise has had. Some of the same people are even behind the new project, with original director Brett Ratner ready to lend his talents to the small screen. Writers Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick, as well as producers Arthur Sarkissian and Jeff Ingold are also involved. There is no estimated release date or rumors about who might star in the project, but the buzz created already will certainly get social media talking about the potential.

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