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‘Star Wars’ 7: The Sith World To Be Reveal?

The home world of the most evil force in the galaxy may be featuring in “Star Wars” 7. A new report suggests that the Sith planet is actually a massive weapon, which may be capable of destroying entire galaxies.

[Spoiler Alert]

The Skelling Michael Island may be the location where filming for the Sith home world has been done. According to a report by Latino Review the stone huts on the island are going to be shown as control stations of the massive planet sized weapon.

The report also talks about the back story regarding the origins of the Sith. The Sith were reportedly formed by a Jedi thousands of years ago. He called himself Darth Ruin, which incidentally may be the name of the main villain in the upcoming movie. The back story may however not feature in the movie.

“Star Wars” fans may recall that Korriban is the home world of the Sith, some may remember the name to be Moraband. The planet is seen as a desolate place with red sands. The planet was abandoned after many wars left the planet in ruins.

In another post the Web site revealed the backdrop and more spoilers about the movie. According to the report The Empire still exists and is in a state of cold war with Galactic Republic. Leia is the leader of the republic and her daughter with Han Solo is the lead character in the movie.

Another character from the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker, is reportedly the last Jedi in the galaxy. He will be facing an old student of the erstwhile Emperor and his apprentice. The character is said to save the day in the movie, but the report claims the character has changed in a bad way towards the end.

The other major characters in the “Star Wars” 7, according to the report, are Lando’s son or daughter, a character that has still not been cast, and a Stormtrooper. Luke Skywalker reportedly has no child. Tensions between the Empire and the Republic are said to increase after the later start to search for a weapon on a neutral planet.

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