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The SPARX™ Magazine is a brand new venture undertaken by Sparx Entertainment to deliver a visual aspect of entertainment. We still maintain the overall mission to give an innovative way to entertain those who want various forms of entertainment. This magazine will provide separate content from that of the website and our social outlets. A lot have felt the hard copy is a dead avenue source for reading, but we think it’s an operative tool to still keep something fresh in the reader’s/customer’s hands. A hard copy can be something that never will be released again. So the SPARX™ Magazine is your source for original, compelling, and expressive content from the Sparx Entertainment group that will make reading and entertainment be a thing of the future.

Content to be included:

CK Noir (cover star) Feature:

We’ve followed CK Noir for over a year in a half seeing how much he’s evolved. In this three page spread we get a little more familiar with his music life from the beginning to now. He has the mindset of success to strive at every opportunity. As he evolves, CK Noir intents to bring his fans along the way. Follow us in this great journey from the Noir City leader.

A struggle is God’s way of telling you a come up is on the way.” – CK Noir

Credit: The SPARX Team & CK Noir

Credit: The SPARX Team & CK Noir

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