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E3 2021: Kazuya Mishima Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The demonic Mishima curse joins the Smash universe!

Nintendo pulled a surprise at the beginning of their E3 2021 showcase with revealing a brand new fighter for the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title. Fans will have a chance to bring the rage of Mishima to the battlefield and their friends as Kazuya Mishima was revealed during Nintendo Direct event.

Like previous announcements, the reveal showcased some of Kazuya’s moves, with plenty of nods to the Tekken series and fun little interactions with other fighters on the Smash roster like throwing Ganondorf off a cliff and Kirby. Mishima’s devil-like powers will also be incorporated into the game as well.

In similar fashion like every other DLC fighter, Kazuya is surely being accompanied by a new stage, the Mishima Dojo which was featured heavily in the trailer we got during the event. You also seen a little interaction between Kazuya and Heihachi himself; although Heihachi isn’t in the game himself. Not to mention there’s surely to be multiple musical tracks from the franchise being added to Ultimate as well.

We will learn more about the latest addition to Ultimate as Sakurai revealed will share more in a future “Mr. Sakurai Presents” broadcasting on June 26th, which will have Smash series creator Masahiro Sakurai detailing the development for the iconic fighting game character in Smash. Not to mention a gameplay showcase.

Check out the trailer below:

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