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“Gonna Be Honest” Jae Jin (Single)

Credit: Tim Ouyang; Jae Jin | Edited by, The SPARX Team

What do you get when you mix a perfect melody and a harmonizing voice? Jae Jin.

Written by,
J. Johnson

The artist/musician Jae Jin will forever be an affluential figure in the music industry. His entire composition continues to propel his motivation in creating the next big hit that denying his aspirations will only energize his creativity. In fact, last week, Jae Jin would reveal new information about his new full-length album entitled, ‘Letters and Drinks’ which is set to be released on June 29th. Given his latest release “11:11” there’s no doubt the album will live up to the dulcet quality Jae Jin has released in the past.

Proof of this was in the recent release of his new single, ‘Gonna Be Honest‘ which struck a chord to the soul. It’s clear the song focuses on the topic of love, but Jae does not provide a clear-cut indication of the sort. The song continues with a subtle-yet-beautiful version of the chorus that’s later joined by another singer. Masterly, Jae Jin wraps the song up in a classy way that will have you wanting more

There are many ways the power of music can influence anyone especially when it comes to love. Your ears can also hear this wonderful song via Jae Jin‘s various outlets as ‘Gonna Be Honest‘ is available now and there are other sources to listen:

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