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MC Jin’s Debut? Or Re-Debut?

Credit: MC Jin

106 & Park showcased him but his talent made him who he is today.

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J. Johnson

MC Jin, a man of many talents and despite the fact that adversary has managed to alter his way of thinking, he still doesn’t allow it to control his path in life. From his music to comedy, Jin has proven that no matter the venture he’s always determined and willing to make the best of the situations. His last music project was at the beginning of 2017 when he released, “Rhyme Book” on January 20th, and an album titled, “Nobody’s Listening” which was released on Valentine’s Day of 2017. After those releases, Jin went away for the remainder of the year but that was only from the United States scene as it would appear that Jin made his move to various locations around the world.

However, on May 11th, 2018 MC Jin, re-emerged via Twitter but in a different way as he announced a parody company, “Jobless Culture” and Jin appointed himself head of HR. MC Jin‘s interaction on Twitter sparked multiple conversations with the public and for that reason, he would re-debut himself in the public eye. On May 15th, Jin would announce a new project he’s been working on since his absence. The project was fueled heavily by MC Jin‘s presence on Twitter and he heavily would promote the project by using the hashtag #MCJinDebutJune4th.

To keep himself involved with hip-hop/rap Jin would continue to explore various option like, joining the super-plus level internet show “The Rap of China” produced by iQyi which has already wrapped up its production on May 20th and 21st. Kris Wu was officially announced as the first producer and was joined by fellow producers Migos and MC Jin. “The Rap of China” is a super internet show which is not only the first serial reality show with the idea of telling true stories of rappers but also the first youth rap music reality show.


Credit: MC Jin

Five days later, MC Jin released the album art for the upcoming track that’s due for release on June 4th. The artwork depicts some interesting contexts such as chicken wings on a table next to Jin and wigs scattered across the floor. One has to imagine what’s the purpose. Maybe once the track is released the answer lies within the lyrics.

Two days ago, following the release the of the artwork for the upcoming new track titled, ‘Debut’ MC Jin would release a 31-second clip for it via Twitter. MC Jin calls this track an anthem that everyone can enjoy. It’s a track that has everything to do with who he is and what he’s about. In many ways, it’s a re-introduction to the world as he said, “I’m here and this is me! It might say #MCJinDebutJune4th but it’s not just my debut, it’s OUR debut.”

Debut” will officially release on June 4th.

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