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Review: ‘Injustice 2’ The Split League of Justice

Credit: Warner Bros. & DC Comics

Batman & Superman collide in a battle of morality and justice until an intellectual lifeform invades to end all life on Earth.

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NetherRealm Studios has released the most anticipated fighting game of this generation (although Mortal Kombat X set the bar) providing us with the best aspects of gameplay in a refined collection. Injustice 2 takes a role on being three different games at once. First, being a polished sequel to the enthralling Injustice: Gods Among Us. Followed by, a visually robust superhero role-playing game with a diverse crop of heroes & villains and lastly a heart-stirring DC Comics cinematic experience that would make an amazing movie.

In this review, we will cover three parts; the story mode, the gameplay, & the gear system.


If you’re one of those gamers that appreciate an experience of single player then, Injustice 2’s story mode is what you want to play. The story picks up moments after Injustice: Gods Among Us in an alternative DC universe with Batman and company attempting to put the world back together after defeating and imprisoning the authoritarian Superman. Peace doesn’t last long as Gorilla Grodd rallies a band of villains establishing a group known as The Society. However, an invasion beginnings as the intelligently evil Brainiac emerges with the desire to gain all knowledge and destroy the insignificance of the planet Earth.


Credit: Warner Bros. & DC Comics

This story mode easily tops Mortal Kombat X’s story mode as the game’s stunning, lifelike cinematics provides you with loads of playable fights. The story mode consists of 12 chapters with certain chapters providing players with two choices pre-fight and each character you pick has a unique cutscene. The story mode is roughly 4-hours of gameplay that guarantees the player will enjoy what NetherRealm has to offer. There’s not a single DC character that’s misused throughout the story campaign. You’ll be shocked, awed, and thrilled for what should be a great DC movie inside a fighting game. It also, two endings as it does add the depth of going back and playing the story over again just to unlock the alternative ending rather than just completely the story mode and feeling like nothing came of it. In the end, you’ll fully enjoy the story for the simple fact that it immerses you into the DC Universe like never before.

Injustice 2 Gameplay

Injustice 2’s characters are very stacked as the game offers 28 heroes and villains from the start (29 including the pre-ordered Darkseid). In my honest opinion if Injustice didn’t have a prime story mode and the lack of customization it would still be a damn good fighting game. The gameplay has a tight chain combo system with some a unique set of special moves that tailor specifically to the hero or villain being played. The action is fluid and refined despite the supermoves being a little comical (as it should be). Something very unique is the fact that you can actually get a little creative with some the moves, getting a 14-hit combo chain that will devastate your opponent. Whether you’re a beginner or pro player there’s plenty of ways to get creative from knocking someone through walls & flying debris to utilizing plenty of new mechanics of the moves accompanied with the interactive stage mechanics.


Credit: Warner Bros. & DC Comics

Another aspect of Injustice 2 is the characters themselves as there’s not a single one that has the same moveset. Along with this uniqueness, each character will satisfy any kind of player. From the smashers using Gorilla Grood and Atrocitus, to the distance fighters using Captain Cold & Black Adam to the close combat fighters using Supergirl and Cheetah. However, even with the familiars like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Catwoman, they all have some new moves in their arsenal that remains fresh.

The Gear System/Multiverse Mode

Injustice 2 provides a new dynamic to the fighting game with customizable gear that will make the battle all the more interesting. The new gear adds a layer of progression and personalization to the game allowing you earn loot that you can use to customize your favorite hero or villain. Some of the gear you obtain increases your strength, stamina, defense, and health that it will have your opponent go the extra miles to defeat you.

For example, you can see Batman go from being The Caped Crusader to the Dark Knight if you’re willing to spend the time to get those customizations. Even with the gear system being an addicting aspect of Injustice 2 it can be a game of giving and take as it requires bits of patience to acquire what you really want.

Injustice 2 literally forces you to play as every character to level up and acquire the best gear for those characters. Although many wouldn’t want to play as Aquaman, personally it’s something that I welcome as it push me and possible you out of your comfort zone of playing the same character(s) over and over. If you’re addicted to Injustice 2 and will remain to be then, unlocking all the customization won’t be an issue for you as time will be all your side. Another great tie-in to the gear system is the new Multiverse mode.

The Multiverse mode is the DC Universe version of Mortal Kombat X’s Tower Challenges. This mode has a consistently changing set of challenges with their own rules and rewards that will provide you with a collection rewarded gear. In some instants, you will have assistance in the battle like Poison Ivy, Robin, or Green Arrow by your side during the challenge. Another is the modifiers that will cause you to become creative while trying to beat your enemy down.

This mode is a blast as I love to be challenged while playing fighting games. It’s a different change of pace rather than just button smashing to defeat your opponent. In Multiverse mode’s, each alternative Earth is themed around a specific character with wildly different looking versions of DC Comics’ beloved characters.


NetherRealm has done an impeccable move with pushing the bar yet again in the genre of fighting games. Injustice 2 has practically everything you would want from a cinematic story that crushes anything DC has done on film to have a fantastic list of fighters, unique mechanics, and a collective approach of post game content. Like aforementioned earlier, Injustice 2 provides you with three different games in one from the stacked of characters, the infusion of an RPG-style loot gear system, and the gameplay. There’s no doubt this game will be hard to follow so even with injustice being done in the game there’s simply justice being done with a great fighting game.

Rating: 4stars

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