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Album artwork | Credit: Chief & Richie Rizo; Edited by, The SPARX Team

May belongs to The Chief as the master plan to take over the music scene has taken a MISCHIEVIOUS turn. Chief release his first full-length album entitled MISCHIEF.

Written by,
Sean Wall

Chief’s ‘MISCHIEF’ is mixed and mastered by, Mindful Matterz, the brand/label created by Chief. ‘MISCHIEF’ also features artists and mixers such as Wave MMLZ, Pigg Beats, Lyfe Serel, 187 Beatz, Kyle Verville, Dream Catcher, FLOW Simpson, Haresha, and Day Day. You can’t forget the contemporary artwork for the album provided by Chief and Richie Rizo. During the promotion of his album, Chief would fuel his fanbase with a visually appealing MV entitled, “Stanley Yelnats”. Although it’s not on the album itself there’s “Stanley Yelnats” provided the best taste of what Chief’s approach is all about. Considering his album from the first track to the very end, Chief has proven that over time you can develop the talent you discover as long as you’re willing to work hard. Each track has that unique approach although there’s a little disappointment from here as I expected Chief would put in a little of the R&B he produced with ‘Love Xistz’ & ‘By Your Side’.

Out of all 10 tracks, they all had that flare of being a favorite. However the first few tracks ‘4 This’, ‘Cruz Thru’, & ‘Drive At Night’ truly had you bopping to the beat. Love how the little police sequence appeared at the end of the track giving the song credit for not being titled for no reason. There’s no way the Chief of 2014 is recognizable this time around as his evolution of who he is as an artist is only the beginning. If you don’t believe me here’s some of the responses from various individuals:

There’s no doubt that Chief has a lot more to offer as this isn’t the end of his climb for success. During our latest featured article “Leading A Tribe: A Chief Story“, Chief would offer a few words about what he plans on doing next, “I’ve learned it is best not to let them know your next move, I will continue to do what I do as I keep learning & making music but you can expect big things!”

‘MISCHIEF’ is available on iTunes now!

Don’t forget to follow Chief on his social media outlets: | @ChiefDVB | @TribeChillin | Chief on YT | ChiefDVB on IG

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