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Dragon Ball ‘Super’ Episode 78: All Universes. All Gods. Survival! (Review)

Credit: Akira Toriyama; Edited by, The SPARX Team

The King of Everything has announced the tournament of survival after Goku’s childish appetite to fight gets the best of him. However, the stipulation for this may be too much to bare for the UNIVERSE!

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The episode kicks off with the High Priest explaining the rules of the now dubbed ‘Tournament of Power’. Although Goku considers this a tournament to fight the best in existence, the stakes are higher than ever before. Even when Zamasu vowed to destroy the ‘traitor’ (Trunks) and the future timeline, the High Priest exclamation that all defeated universes will be erased decided by Zen-Oh. Much to everyone’s surprise Goku is still not taking it seriously and Beerus finally shows consider for this isn’t any other tournament. The High Priest also informs Universe 7 to arrange three fighters to showcase their skills against Universe 9 in a ‘Zen Exhibition Match’.

Seeing as time isn’t something to waste amongst the Gods, Goku heads out to find two more fighters after including himself into the prelims. His first visit was to Vegeta where Goku was met with a stern “No”. Vegeta reminds Goku that he’s remaining beside Bulma’s side until she has the baby. However, Vegeta motions to ask his son, while Goten and Trunks are training in the distance. Goku doesn’t think Goten is ready to fight in this tournament yet so he heads over to Gohan where they discuss the stipulations of the tournament and asking Gohan to participate with him. After getting Gohn to agreeing, Goku quickly asks Majin Buu for his participation in the prelims which was pretty easy and sweet.

Universe 7 is now ready as they head over the World of Void. Upon arriving they see five individuals at the end of a corridor are some denizens of Universe 9 along with the God of Destruction & the Supreme Kai. The key figure seems to be the Supreme Kai of Universe 9, where his intentions are unclear but the fighters are dog-like creatures that possibly can pose a threat to Goku and the others. After all the pleasantries the first fight is underway as Basil of Universe 9 (one of the dog-like creatures) takes on Majin Buu of Universe 7. The fight starts off with a flurry of kicks to Majin Buu as Goku and Gohan assess that he’s a kicker. After it seems like Basil has the upper hand Buu gives that infamous grin we know will come back to haunt Basil.

In a nutshell, Goku is responsible for the fates of 11 out of 12 universes. However, with Goku being selfish to the stakes of this tournament Beerus has shown that not only will have to place faith in others but that his test of being a God will be called into question if Universe 7 fails. Maybe now Beerus’ laid back attitude towards Goku will become a lesson for both himself and Goku in the end, that’s if they survive.

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