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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Review)

Credit: Screen Gems, Capcom Co. Ltd, Costantin Film, Davis-Films, & Don Carmody Productions, & Impact Pictures

Written by,
Sean Wall

Based on: Resident Evil by, Capcom | Starring: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, William Levy, & Iain Glen | Directed by, Paul W. S. Anderson | Runtime: 106 minutes | Genre: Sci-fi, Action, & Horror

Video game movies haven’t seen the light of success lately. That can be seen with films, Warcraft & Assassin’s Creed as they flopped on the big screen. However, Resident Evil has remained the test of what video game film adaptation is supposed to look like. Over the years, the Resident Evil movie series has done good enough to account six movies and span over 15 years telling the story of an ass-kicking heroine, Alice.

Alice has evolved over the course of these six films into an unstoppable force that wants to see the destruction of Umbrella & the end of the T-Virus. After it seemed to be over the T-virus has returned to take another bite out the fandom of this enthralling franchise as it’s the last film of the ‘Alice Saga’. Even the final showdown between Alice and ensuring the world’s survival has come back to the place it all started, Raccoon City.

The movie itself is chuck full of action from start to finish and will have the nailbiting die-hard fans loving each moment. Along with the action-packed sequences are the surprises and waiving the plot together to tie into the movies prior to this one. Especially when the story pays homage to the original movie that began the series. Fans of the video game will be disappointed as only Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) return in Resident Evil: The Chapter. All other characters from the past and video games are missing without explanation. Speaking of Wesker, he doesn’t do as much as he done in previous films. It’s like they stripped him of all the characteristics that many grew to love about him.

(left to right): Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich and Ruby Rose star in Screen Gems' Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

(left to right): Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich and Ruby Rose star in Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

One satisfying moment in the latest installment of Resident Evil was the prologue in which Alice explains the story of Umbrella and what the T-virus has done. However, this one recaps the previous five installments, along with how Umbrella was founded and developed more than just the chemical and biological weaponry they possessed. Alice also learns of the antivirus that could practically wipe out the undead.

Despite issues with editing and the lack of character development, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is still a fun movie. Yes, you will probably get sick of the focus during the action sequences as it cuts to scene making you sick in the process. Overall, the film is undeniably exciting and Jovovich once again proves that this role was meant for her. It may not measure up to the original film but it’s definitely a hard-hitting conclusion to the franchise.

Rating: 4stars

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