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“Mind a’ Mine” EP – Haresha (2016)

Credit: Haresha; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by,
Sean Wall

When the new year rolls into to town there’s nothing short of preparing for something big. You want to send those who’ve been supporting you all this time a message. A message that this year will belong to you and only you. For the longest time, we’ve also wondered if The Tribe would have a female artist that would boast that message. Although Haresha isn’t technically a part of the group she might as well be since she adds a female perspective of The Tribe. Haresha, the now dubbed “Queen of The Tribe” looked to send that message with her new EP, ‘Mind a’ Mine‘, which targets those who want their message to be heard. The ‘Mind a’ Mine‘ EP was released on New Year’s Eve and consist of various tracks delivering a unique feel for what’s been going on, “Profound”, “Let Me Bloom”, “Lovin’ Interlude”, “Goes On”, & “Sleepless”. Each track was produced by, WAVE MMLZ while Chief mixed and mastered them into the gold for fan’s enjoyment.

Each track leads into the next like aforementioned in a message for those who support her. In my honest opinion, Haresha is like a new aged Lauryn Hill in her delivery and lyrical prowess. You can hear that tone and delivery in one track titled “Let Me Bloom“. In this track, Haresha collaborates with artists Inspiring Thoughts & Dream Catcher of The Tribe. The smooth beat along with the lyrics accentuates the message of letting herself be along with developing her message.

Haresha’s latest EP has received some general appraisals;

However, with all the appraisals and the official release being over Haresha would not only perform some unreleased tracks with Chief at the Phoenix Heat show but she inevitably is working on new music as we speak.  Her message has only begun to be deciphered as Haresha may have settled in the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap. With her message becoming clear will her direction steer that into the soul and R&B genre, one could hope.

Don’t forget to listen to her latest EP ‘Mind a’ Mine’ exclusively on Apple Music.

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