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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 13: The Uprising

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Two weeks ago, we got the glimpse into another sub-story about a legendary Pokémon resides in the Stark Mountain protecting te Magma Stone. Buck and Looker take on the mess that Team Galactic as caused by awakening Heatran. From the mysterious regions of Sinnoh battling the legendary molten Pokémon, Heatran we head over to the nostalgic region of Unova where an uprising as brought the strongest together.

In episode 13, we open to Iris and Druddigon rushing to the scene of the Pokémon League where chaos ensues. Following, we have Team Plasma’s sages poised to take control with the ascension of their king and the fall fo the Pokémon League. From each sage that ascends with N’s castle rising from the ground would state the claims that its time to take control of Unova which eventually creates staircases causing members of Team Plasma to rush to battle with their Pokémon. Iris begins the battle until Clay’s Excadrill and Lenora’s Herdier joining the fight after Iris seemed to be overwhelmed. Later in the episode, other gym leaders like Burgh, Elesa, Skyla, Brycen, and Drayden join the battle ready to protect the region of Unova.

You have to appreciate the action in this episode solely for the purpose that it actually what many imagined when you play this in the game. Although it looks like a meeting of the sages and gym leaders it’s pretty cool that for once the region’s strongest trainers would come to the rescue. In my honest opinion, nostalgia plays a greater role in this episode more than anything and the action sequences are just as amazing given the amount the purpose of Team Plasma’s arrival in the Pokémon.

Here’s episode 12 ‘The Uprising’ below:

Source(s): The Pokémon Company

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