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Stoner Sabotage: “911” Sha Sparx

'Stoner Sabotage' Credit: The SPARX Team

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Sean Wall

Sha Sparx is a Hip-Hop artist from Long Island whose passion for music finds her writing a new song any chance she gets especially when she cuts the mic with her lyrical prowess. Her mind remains sharp as she not only explores the essences of being a great artist but uses her background, ideals, and cultural influences. That is apparently displayed as the “OutspokenHip-Hop artist released her mixtape ‘Stoner Sabotage‘ back on March 31st. Sparx would plan out her mixtape months before the initial release as her collection of music made is superbly extensive. Once a concept turned into reality it was all about dedication and hard work from there as Sparx would show why she’d stop at nothing to realize a dream she’s always wanted. ‘Stoner Sabotage‘ is a mixtape that delivers a somewhat description of who Sha Sparx is and that her time to shine is now.

Throughout, the mixtape you practically get Sha Sparx‘s personality through lyrics but one song that captures Sha Sparx is “911“. She takes the beat and rhythm for a rollercoaster ride and you hear what Sha Sparx is all about. She wasted no time going right for the straight uppercut only seconds into the song. Another aspect of Sparx‘s life that gets you invested in her music is the tenacious being displayed throughout the song, but “you ain’t never seen a poet with a passion, right?“.  In the second half of the song raps, a quick bar that sums up the very power possesses a conscious. The will to think for herself and not be brainwashed by what pop culture dictates. A lyric that makes brings out that assertive conscious mind, “…back on the music, man I’m done with rap. Man, I just spit my thought, spitting facts on facts

Here’s the track, “911” exclusive to Sha Sparx‘s SoundCloud:

Despite, ‘Stone Sabotage‘ being a mixtape only featuring six track it seems the ‘Outspoken‘ artist is remastering her latest work. New sounds new tracks, and simply more Sha Sparx for fans to handle. Recently revealed via her Instagram account, the ‘Relit‘ edition of ‘Stoner Sabotage‘ will be released on November 28th.

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