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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 11: The New World

Credit: The Pokémon Company; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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Legendary Pokémon, are a collective group of Pokémon that have an enormous amount of power. Each one plays a significant role in the world and each has a story to tell when they’re encountered. Last week, we met the virus Pokémon birthed from a meteorite that was heading towards the planet. However, with the intervention of a mysterious trainer and Rayquaza, the threat was stopped and captured.

Next, we head to the Sinnoh region where another crime syndicate is looking to mold the world in their image. In this episode, we witness ‘The Catalyst‘ moment getting a front row seat as Team Galactic leader Cyrus attempting to create a brand new world Earth. Cyrus‘ megalomanic personality is by far the eeriest as his expression display those sentiments. His dead eyes and vicious personality showcase his emotions to not care about anyone other than his dream.

I’ve always had a weird and strange feeling about Generation IV. The Pokémon introduced to had some crazy dynamics especially the legendaries. Maybe it’s the biblical references being used throughout the Generation, but Gen IV still remains a personal favorite in terms of its Legendary Pokémon.

Here’s the latest episode “The New World” via The Pokémon Company:

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