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Dragon Ball ‘Super’ Episode 64: “Praise Him & Worship Him! The Impressive Birth Of Zamasu’s Fusion”

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The Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super is without a doubt the best storyline in the entire series, given the way they backtrack to the Android arc, the involvement of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe, the progression of the plot, and showing the main characters are not all powerful individually but can be as a team. However, there was a glimmer of hope when Master Roshi taught Goku the Mafuba technique and Vegeta would do a little self-preparation of his own. Last week, the Dragon Ball ‘Super’ we saw the pride & power of Saiyan Prince, Vegeta reawaken after he would train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as the heroes would figure out a way to defeat Zamasu & Goku Black. Goku Black would get a little confused as to how Vegeta got so strong in a short amount of time but that wouldn’t last for long given that Goku Black would have a plan up his sleeve.


The furious counterattack of Goku and Vegeta.

A fierce battle between Goku and Vegeta, as well as Vegeta and Black Goku! Vegeta’s power increased thanks to the wrath he felt when seeing Trunks getting wounded, Vegeta has one hell of a fight; however, this battle takes an unexpected turn when Zamasu targets Capsule Corp. Surprising Goku and company Zamasu attempts to destroy Trunks and the others. How will Trunks and the other fight back?

In this week’s episode, it was all about awakening the anger that Goku Black figures helped Vegeta get stronger than before. As Zamasu continues to watch from the sidelines trying to help, Goku insist that Future Zamasu is facing him. Following suit, Goku Black gets angry himself to upgrade his sword attack into a scythe that could seem to rip the very fabric of time and space. Black calls it “the bottomless anger itself that I hold within me.” The battle would go from Goku catching Future Zamasu off guard to Goku Black facing off against Goku and Vegeta with what seems to be clones of himself.

Credit: Toei Animation

Credit: Toei Animation

Meanwhile, Future Trunks glued the jar back together to use against Future Zamasu who is heading for them as Trunks is learning how to do the Mafuba Wave. Zamasu would arrive to kill off the rest of the humans, but Bulma would try and pursue the god to do otherwise. Not being taken for a fool Zamasu would manhandle Bulma only angering Trunks  to use the Mafuba Wave against him. Zamasu in disbelief would be contained but the amulet used to seal it was forgotten in the present with Master Roshi. After Zamasu would break free from the jar, Goku Black‘s attention would be focused on the fading energy of Zamasu. Goku Black, Goku, and Vegeta would appear with the others ready to settle the battle once and for all.

After Future Zamasu would express his concerns about underestimating the power of mortals to Goku Black. The two gods would explain that it’s time to show their true powers. Using the power of their Potara earrings, Zamasu and Goku Black would end the episode with the birth of a new fusion simply known as the ‘Absolute Powerful GodZamasu.

With episode 64 being a solid one for the series further expanding on the plot, the only question that remains is how will the heroes defeat Zamasu?

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