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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 8: The Cavern

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In last week’s episode we entered the Hoenn region, but with a little mischief involved as Team Magma were initiating their plans to awaken Primal Groudon from its slumber. Team Magma would figure awakening the Legendary Pokémon would help them realize the reshaping of a world in their image, that wasn’t the case. Magma‘s Admin Courtney had a vision of the team meeting a fatal ending if they would go forward with their plan. In the end, we were left wondering what with Courtney ready to battle the intruder that infiltrated the Team Magma HQ.

In episode 8, we are shown the counterpart of Team Magma in the form of Team Aqua traversing through a cavern looking for something. Archie; Team Aqua’s leader seems to be enthralled with the fact that with his Blue Orb and vision awakening Primal Kyogre would realize their dreams of reshaping the world as they see fit. The episode itself shows that even with warning Archie‘s megalomaniac mind has gotten the better of him and he will stop at nothing to see his plans through. Another interesting common theme is with both Team Magma & Aqua both female Admins play a pivotal role whether it be marveling or protecting the ones they idolize. Shelly would not be the brainwashed Admin she is in the video game but would try and convince Archie to stop before it’s too late.

Yesterday, a sneak peek was given to fans to see what was in store, but today we get the full episode as it runs 5 minutes. The action is all there and the aura of a Legendary Pokémon’s power will engulf you to think what’s next.

Here’s episode 8 of Pokémon Generations; ‘The Cavern’

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