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“The Purge” CK Noir (Feat. Jay Million) [Official MV]

Credit: World Watcher; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by,
Sean Wall

It’s been a little over a month that CK Noir released his mixtape, ‘Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3‘. Our colleague J. Johnson gave his thoughts on the mixtape and I personally have to say it’s some of the best material ever produced by the young rapper/artist. He continues to prove why his music is being listened to and placed on repeat across his fanbase. One thing that stood out was the 17 tracks mixtape gave you a balanced and diverse side of CK Noir. You got the hardcore, modern, and the subtle rapper that will attract new listeners to wonder who this artist is all about.

On the mixtape, there were several songs that peaked our interest. You could truly appreciate the evolution of CK Noir if you followed the “Henny & Sprite” series. Volume 3 featured one song that sort of paid homage to one of the most twisted and societal probing movies of all-time “The Purge“. The track featured Jay Million and it came at the time where ‘The Purge: Election Year‘ movie was just releasing a few months ago. Despite the movie, having to do with eradicating the less fortunate The aspiring artist rap about their misfortunes and how they evolved their lives from the passion of music. There’s subtle ‘Purge’ audio in the beginning along with a countdown building anticipation for the song to start. CK and Million carry the song along with the beat that definitely has a consistent flow, pulling it together with the lyrics.

This past Saturday, CK Noir teamed up with World Watchers; the ones that helped produce the MV for “Face Tatz” a few months ago. This time, World Watcher takes another track and visually shows why the evolution will continue to progress throughout his career. It opens up with a mysterious mask wore by CK Noir which is another nod at ‘The Purge‘. In the video, they’re a few sceneries that will churn the mind to wonder what’s the meaning behind it all. The cinematography is profoundly done as it captures the essence of what the both of them represent. The young, passionate, & struggling artist that won’t let anyone tell them otherwise. Once you hear the lyrics and see those visual settings the message you get may be different from many others. Enough talking about it here’s the MV “The Purge” by, CK Noir featuring, Jay Million. Directed and shot by World Watcher;

Henny & Sprite, Vol: 3’ can be listened to right now!

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