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Introducing ‘The Gentleman Dancer’ Ian Eastwood


The very word can evoke emotions some may never have, but everyone in this world has a passion that can evoke others to join along in. A venture that can compel a wide variety of people to want to follow (especially the youth). Some sing, others throw their passion into portraying roles on the big screen, and there are those who have the passion to evoke emotions through dancing. One of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world, dancing can be used in various ways. Whether it be for philanthropy or just to enjoy life in the movement of your feet dancing has been there to be enjoyed.

From James Brown to Michael Jackson, these artists not only singing their way through people’s hearts they dancing right into them as well. Fast forward to today there’s a lot of individuals who do both sing and dance into people’s hearts. It’s become top tier to acting and appearing on the big screen more and more everyday. Although passion has poured out from many performers and artists we see one man that can bring tears to the eyes of many.

His name is, Ian Eastwood.

Born in April 16th, 1993 to Peter and Julia Eastwood in Chicago, Illinois art was never an unfamiliar aspect in his childhood as what he described “…my childhood home looks like an art museum.” His earlier passion of drawing paid homage to his parents artistic abilities as he explored his own. Although his pursuit in sports (baseball) didn’t last long he would find another outlet to express himself.

Not many kids at his age would know what to do in certain situations like that. Some kids then, face discouragement and wouldn’t really have any other passions to pursue, but Ian would go towards a more expressive form of art although it was on the floor than a canvas.

Fast forward a decade and two years later, Ian Eastwood would be in the spotlight as a great dancer and innovator to many aspiring dancers. Amassing over 40 millions views and 390 thousands of subscribers on YouTube the eyes are always open to see Ian latest and upcoming projects. His film and tv appearances gained him even more exposure in the years prior to 2015 that would solidify him in the dancing scene for years come.

The most notable exposure he’s gotten was on MTV ‘America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 7)’ alongside the dance crew ‘Most Wanted Crew’. Out of Los Angeles, California, this crew exemplified the ‘City of Angels” style of dancing to the ABDC stage. In the coming weeks, the Most Wanted Crew became the only crew in season 7 to never seen the bottom spots until they reached the semi-finals where they unfortunately were eliminated. Even with the lost on ABDC, Ian Eastwood never allowed that to stop his passion for dancing.

With everything that has gone on in his life, Ian Eastwood is proving time and time again that his passion will never die. That with the times changing every year that he too will evolve while even breathing new life in the “classics” that never see the light of day.

We leave you with a video from his YouTube channel, where it shows you the dedication he puts forth for his supporters to enjoy his journey to becoming a legend.

There’s one thing that Ian Eastwood will always be able to do in his driven of dancing and that’s evolving. Changing his delivery, adapting his prior dancing experiences, and staying true to himself to love dancing each and every day. | @Ian_Eastwood | Ian Eastwood

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