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Fung Bros XIV: Fat Buddha NYC (Hip-Hop & Food)

Credit: Fat Buddha; Shot by, The Fung Bros.

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It’s been 7 months since SPARX & myself have delivered a little dose Fung Bros styling to this outlet but now I’ve decided it’s time to bring them back to SPARX for one simple reason “THEIR ORIGINALITY SERVES THE GREATER CAUSE!” (that’s an actual quote by myself to CEO, De Shawn J. Ellis). Now you may ask yourself what does that, I’m here to answer it. If you scroll through and watch some of the Fung Bros. videos what do you see? Originality. SPARX core message other than providing an outlet for others is originality. They picked a few topics in the beginning of making videos and it has evolved into what I like to call ‘The Fung Style‘. Now how does it “serve the greater cause”? the cause is culture, history, and exploration. Another aspect of how I’ve grown to respect the Fung Bros. is the fact that they not only enjoy the experience but give those watching something to learn whether it be the culture or the history.

With that being said, the Fung Bros. have released a video venturing to the famed NYC nightlife bar, ‘Fat Buddha‘. It’s regarded as one/if not the best bar in the hip-hop scene given them paying homage to classic hip-hop and DJs. Fat Buddha was established in 2010 in East Village to show people “enlightenment through great food, drinks, company, and music.” Their specialties have definitely earned them the reputation of being no ordinary hip-hop bar. With the Asian fusion food mixed with music you better be sure the party is just getting started.

Now the Fung Bros. have taken their style to Fat Buddha which according to Andrew you may even catch the, around there during the weekend. This special edition explores the foodie side of Fat Buddha with owners Carlos & Cliff. From the Honey Ginger Garlic Wing, Salt and Pepper Squid, to the REMIX BAO; Braised Pork Shoulder & Soy Chicken. Your mouth will be watering with the burst of culture and flavors being discussed. Before I give away more of the video for my own selfish needs, check it out for yourself below. Don’t forget to like and share their videos as you watch!

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