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Shimmy Vol. I: “The Secrets To Happiness”

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It’s been a long while since our outlet has provided a new Shimmy article dedicated to his videos. We do this for the fact that he’s a dynamic individual that generates a lot of people to simply ‘Pay attention‘. You may ask “But UkNOoooo?” Yes, anybody can be a dynamic individual but Shimmy is just all around fun with his personality, his outlandish attitude towards multiple topics, but mainly it’s his growth into being comfortable for who he is. Not many people have that acceptance about themselves, but Shimmy can be someone of a figure to show that no matter what others may think about you or how you act, that’s you being you so accept it and make it work to your advantage. Be happy!

With Shimmy growing to be happy in recent months, his recent relationship, his friends, family, workplace, and social life played a key role in him being happy. You know what? Shimmy is going to provide some ‘secrets’ to happiness…. Well, he’s going to divulge his own secrets to happiness but just about anyone can take his advice for their own. There’s one part that is relatable on multiple levels

“Everybody has different things that makes them happy in life. Whatever has that little spark in your heart that makes you just want to live life and explore that area more of just wanting to be positive.. GO DO IT! Go do it like, right now!”

—Shimmy, execerpted via 
“The Secret to Happiness”

There are many aspects in life that can make you happy. Time is the ultimate partner in shaping how you want to be happy along with how long it will take to find it. Patience is truly the virtue that will give you the secret to happiness we all seek.

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