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“187” By, Heartwork Feat. Landon Hill & Wave MMLZ

"187" | Credit: Heartwork, Landon Hill, & Wave MMLZ

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Sean Wall

Collaboration (n):
-the action of working with someone to produce or create something

That’s the actual definition, however, it can be seen in much broader format. For instance, when two or more individuals come together to create something that has possibly never been done before, creating magic, or leaving your mind blown. Music today is saturated with collaborations that seem hollow like it was only done to further the fame of the entities involved. That’s not the case with Heartwork, Landon Hill, and Wave MMLZ taking Hip-Hop & hardcore Rock at the heels to produce “187“. Although they have done an amazing work making you rock out there’s an overall message that you must pay attention to while listening.

From what you can gather about Heartwork, they allow their talents do the talking for them. To no surprise, who Heartwork is all about speaks volumes as they are a band that loves the essence of making music but collectively infuses art and fashion with their music. Heartwork is on tour right now with a Progressive Metalcore band, Before Giants throughout this month. We know all about Landon Hill and Wave MMLZ as they focus heavily on the hip-hop & rap spectrum of music. Even though all three entities deal with a certain style of music doesn’t mean they can’t  create something for their fans waiting to see what’s coming up next.

On September 5th, a new MV entitled “187” was released to the world with Heartwork featuring, Landon Hill & Wave MMLZ. As you watch the new MV or the lyrics video, you will have to hear and listen to lyrics. It’s a very rebellious way of saying my life is mine and your life yours. What makes this collaboration so special is the fact that everyone involved brings something unique, the passion for music no matters the genre. The guitar (bass & acoustic) break the walls down with the vibration as the lyrics slice it way through the ears of fans from all over.

Check out “187” by Heartwork feat. Landon Hill & Wave MMLZ [MV] & for the lyric MV visit

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