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Charlie Kim “WOMAN” (2016)

Credit: Aokvsual

Written by,
J. Johnson

You wait patiently for another one of his songs as a result, you can feel the charge and energy throughout the song.

Charlie Kim has been on our radar for some time now but for good reason. His songs are full of conviction expressed through many moments of life experience. Kim isn’t shy to talk about his past as it defines who he is as a person. The artist in him is the right ingredient to mix all his passions and life struggles into one explosive combination. One explosive combination Charlie Kim has is the way he compiles the experimental sounds. His latest song entitled “WOMAN” gives that experimental and blues type edge that makes Charlie Kim—given all the music we’ve heard from him before—worthy of being an amazing artist making a rise.

First, 39 seconds of the song has an ambient moment of mystery that only wonders how it will play out. There’s no mistaken that some of Charlie Kim‘s songs belong in commercials or movies, but this one has the makings of it being produced like one. Charlie Kim‘s point in this song is to illustrate that deception and what the chorus simply puts is that nobody owes you anything. Although that’s the main point being sung by the talented enigma, it’s interesting to not that Kim may be singing about a personal past of his. Many artists get their inspiration from various experiences throughout their life. Charlie Kim is no exception when it comes to inspiration for the next set of songs being released to the public.

Great tone and melody bring this song together along with the well-balanced lyrics that Charlie Kim proudly wrote to match the message conveyed. Charlie Kim would release a mini-preview via his Instagram account. It depicted him sitting poolside as the music played in the background. Only the enigma himself can answer to why he did that but does have an interesting outlook to get someone hyped for music.

WOMAN” is currently showcased on Charlie Kim‘s SoundCloud like many others. Below you can listen to “WOMAN”:

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