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Jason Chu, Kickstarts His Arrival!

Credit: Jason Chu

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Sean Wall

Jason Chu has recently been away from the public eye. When the public is an uproar about a tragedy that occurs, an injustice against the people, or something that needs to be addressed, Chu would stand up like many others and let his voice be heard. All of this is done with his talent of being a ‘spoken word’ artist, someone who uses the power of words and common sense to open the public’s eyes and ensure justice been done.

Despite the disappearance of Jason Chu, he’s been working on something special for all those who continue to support him whether it be through his various ‘Spoken Word‘ videos. Perhaps it’s a new video, given that ‘Marvel‘, a video touching on the issue of bullying for being different which became an instant hit. Maybe he’s working with former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders again? Jason Chu traveled to a speech Senator Sanders was giving during his run for President to show his support on the many issues they both shared. It seems like anything Jason Chu does he wants his work to have a passionate meaning behind where the person experiencing the moments takes something from it.

Although Chu, has done all that and managed to become a silent but effective individual he fells like it’s time to release a debut album entitled “ARRIVALS“. The title itself has an instant meaning for it’s long overdue that Jason Chu releases an album with the way he delivers the lyrics you will be engulfed by its message. Now despite the young artist being able to reach far in his life the man himself wants a little interaction going between the supporters and those pulling the project together.

Credit: Jason Chu

Credit: Jason Chu

On July 31st, Jason Chu introduced his new campaign on Kickstarter for the brand new full-length studio album and live tour. Chu definitely has a team that for sure will produce an amazing album along with the magnitude of artists and stars collaborating. The producers and vocalists that will be working with Jason Chu are; LCKSMTH, Soul Catalyst, DansonnBeats, Olivia Thai, Ruth Cho, Peter Su, Jessica Louise, FUZZY, MattAlmodiel, and Chance Calloway. You can’t forget the partnership with his college friend Joe Kye, a folk/pop artists that in Jason Chu’s own word “Joe’s catchy indiepop melodies and sparse hip-hop drums made a perfect complement for my conversational, emotional storytelling.

Some of the projects that will come out of this Kickstarter campaign is the variety of music-video campaigns and touring to some of the States’ unique and diverse cities. Jason Chu’s ‘The Arrivals Story Night Tour‘ will have such a unique approach that even I have to commend Jason Chu for working with a group of people that want to hear the stories and create songs and poems with the fans, yes the fans. Some of those videos that will be produced spanning through the next year are ‘Live If I Breathe‘ which addresses depression, mental health, and healing. ‘Grandma’s Kitchen‘ sharing moments on the family gatherings and the warmth of food. Along with those webseries, there will be other videos, collaborations that will be focusing on the conversations that need to be talked about.

Enough about me giving away the details, head on over to (click the link) the ‘ARRIVALS’ Kickstarter campaign page and show your support. If there is one thing Jason Chu and his team have done that is to bring awareness to the issues that matter.

The full-length studio album ‘ARRIVALS‘ will be available in FALL 2016. Don’t forget to follow and like Jason Chu on his social media outlets Twitter & Facebook. Also, visit for any info.

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