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‘Bobby Tarantino’ Logic (Review)

Written by Kyle Pinaro

A pleasant surprise project 

Logic is a force to be reckoned with, plain and simple. The relatively known rapper has made quite the name for himself infusing razor-sharp metaphors and life stories with hard hitting, crisp production (mostly spearheaded by his in-house producer 6ix.) But what truly helps solidify Logic as a talented emcee is his near-perfect conceptual approach to his albums. His last effort The Incredible True Story, was an awe-inspiring sci-fi trip with his signature brand of linguistics, even if the story was somewhat shaky at times. But nonetheless Logic went back into the studio and promised his fans two projects this year, and here we are with number one.

Bobby Tarantino serves as the precursor to his untitled third album, and it’s exactly what you would expect from Logic while trying to evoke a sense of structure. In reality, it’s just another mixtape offered up by Logic that delivers his consistent sound. At a glance, this is consistent sonically but ideologically it’s a little all over the place, which begs the question as to why he tried to cram interludes and skits into the material. That flaw aside, this is one of the more solid projects this year and although it’s 9 tracks of actual material, it’s great. Logic takes a couple of risks on this mixtape with his voice with autotune and some singing areas, which he nails perfectly. A lot of the production on this is carefully mixed and mastered to give the hard-hitting drums and snares that accompany Logic’s braggadocios but humble flow.

This is a great precursor to his album and one of the best mixtape of the year, with that being said, his third album should be one of the best albums of the year at the rate he’s moving. 

Score: 4/5

-Kyle Pinaro

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