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Hush (2016)

Credit: Blum House Productions

Written by Sean Wall

Netflix has become the world’s leading streaming outlet for the classic catalog of movies/tv shows, new releases, and it’s wide variety of original series that continues to grow today. ‘Hush’ is one of the movies that you may come across as you’re trying to pick through the thousands of possibilities. We have a few things to ask, put yourself in the shoes of a hearing impaired writer living in isolation. You’re trying to finish a novel that’s causing you nothing, but writer’s block. Then, out of nowhere your peaceful evening turns from “let’s get this story finished” to a mysterious person wearing a creepy mask showing up to stalk your every move… Now, what do you do?

Set in the dark woods in a house that Maddie’s (Katie Siegel) combination of safe haven and prison, “Hush” is suspenseful and clever enough to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat. You feel the terror as the darkness doesn’t leave you completely lost to the actions being played out. John Gallagher Jr. plays the disturbing and frightening murder and makes even more terrifying with the mask off. Siegel’s determination to survive is spot on as she won’t let her lack of hearing stop her will to survive.

Credit: Blum House Productions

Credit: Blum House Productions

There are no jump-scares to make someone be afraid as the tension is pretty taut and gives the film a needed touch of suspense. You must admire a deaf-mute heroine opposed from the usual teens trying to survive a knife-wielding maniac plot adding a realistic approach to horror for once. Even the lack of dialogue makes for better storytelling even if the crazed maniac is doing all the talking for the better part of the movie.

The only let down is the motive of the killer. You never do get that question answered despite the randomness of the killer’s actions. He’s no superhuman and definitely uses his cunning to win during the killing of his first victim. It is terrifying that such evil exist with no identifiable motivation. The world is definitely full of those sick individuals and “Hush” brings that factor to life.

“Hush” is truly an amazing film that has gripping scenes, cringe-worthy moments, and enough respect for the heroine that leave the viewer rooting Maddie on trying to work out her next move. The possibilities of this film could have taken multiple turns, but once the ending approaches it will leave you in a sigh of relief.

Rating: 4stars

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