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“Like You” Hoody Kim

"Like You" Hoody Kim | Credit: AOMG

Written by UkNO

The “First Lady” of AOMG officially released her first single since being signed with the Hip-hop label at the end of 2015. We were wondering when Hoody would be making her splash on the scene with the AOMG legacy standing by her and have to say that it was definitely worth the wait. It’s no surprise that she’s able to bring that dynamic we mentioned last year as she’s already has a feel of what her talents has to offer to her own fanbase as well as the fanbase of AOMG.

It was teased that Hoody would be releasing a new single a little over two weeks ago as she revealed it on Instagram.

The single’s lyrics is done by Hoody and composing it with fellow AOMG member Gray. Although it’s pretty interesting to see Gray have his hands in this, Hoody brings the single to life with a sweet and subtle R&B aggression that it firmly pitches her as a mainstay for the AOMG label moving forward.

Like You” is broken up into semi-chapters that explained the love she uses to have a special love of hers. The visuals are all shot in what seems to be two locations, the trailer and a warehouse of sorts. Each location can be interpreted as a metaphor for the feelings going on. The trailer seems to be the emotions being confined in a closed place and the warehouse is her releasing those feelings after all this time. Either way “Like You” is a truly beautiful song that the fans can’t wait to see what’s next for Hoody Kim.

Check out the video below to see what you think of it:

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