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“POLY” By, WAVE MMLZ – Review

Credit: WAVE MMLZ; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by, J. Johnson

Tribe Chillin makes the best of what they have by simply making music. It’s the one aspect that makes an artist become great. At first, you hit a few bumps in the road and you ultimately find the successful treatment for yourself that’s different from the rest. In Tribe Chillin, that’s exactly what member WAVE MMLZ (Wave) has done with his latest album entitled, “POLY“. The release of this album has huge implications once the public finally submerges their ears into the stylings of “POLY“. For instance, it will be on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, and more, but you can’t forget that WAVE MMLZ produced this album himself. I truly admire that as it shows dedication in the album w/ full creative control. Nothing speaks volumes of an artist than knowing your work will be done the way you want it to be then, self-producing it.

Now for the meat and potatoes that everyone wanted one they seen the title. Simply put our standards were high for WAVE MMLZ as we know his music could be better and it was just that. Each track was definitely geared towards a matured WAVE MMLZ as an artist, has finally found an identity that resonates with the Millenial crowd you can’t argue with that. As for the way it sounds, he uses all sorts of technique to capture your attention to the music featured on the album.

As his identity being explored through the listener, there are a few songs that I tend to open to more. The 1st track Shine‘ for the fact that it speaks about his time being now and he sees himself going far beyond the reaches that’s set. You have to have that mindset in order to succeed, especially in the music industry. ‘Hallow Needs is another one being the 3rd track the beat is sick giving you that goosebump feeling accompanied with lyrics that can start a movement. WAVE recently released a music video for this track giving the fans a little taste as to what they will be getting once this album is unleashed. The 5th & 6th track ‘L8LY‘/ ‘External Payment‘ both have a clear-cut message that WAVE has been enjoying his life for the blessings he’s receiving, for instance, the new clothing line for his hats, this album being pushed through major music outlets, and the inevitable future.

I won’t lie about this album it has it highs and lows like most artist all do when they produce something on their own. It’s testing the waters to see where the future will take them. In WAVE MMLZ case he’s doing just that with “POLY” whether it succeeds or not I can’t judge that definitively as the fans will ultimately decide it. I can say that WAVE is definitely finding the niche he needs to become a great artist. Time and experience will play the major roles for WAVE. We hope to see more from this young Las Vegas artist in the coming months. A message to WAVE (if he’s reading this) stay on the right path and never change who you are unless you’re doing it for yourself. Keep up the good work.

Rating: 4 out of 5

POLY by, WAVE MMLZ will be available for digital download on iTunes, TIDAL, & Spotify on April 27th

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