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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Albert Ayala, a dreamer turned visionary that has developed a dream with his apparel company, Above Millions. His dream started back in high school when he thought it would be a good idea to put his art into clothing.

“I saw others doing similar things. It motivated me and sparked the idea. I thought, I can do it too.” Even with this motivation he sought out to create a clothing line and make it unique. Albert initiated the idea into a company that has nothing, but room to grow in the future. “Hard work pays off.”, seemed to be the heading that this young entrepreneur wants to take along with an original flow to grasp the worldwide demographics.

In the days attending school, Ayala would sell his own designs to other classmates that garnished interest. At that moment he knew his designs were serious business, though he began small selling his clothes at his parents’ candy store. Once he found his niche the innovative young designer turned his role to business owner,  where he displays a variety of original designs such as T-shirts, hats, tanks, and hoodies to name a few.

His secret to success is to set goals for himself to push his vision to the next level. He tries to envision, develop, produce, and succeed to see his legacy grow. With reaching all 50 states as one of his goals, Above Millions has accomplished this feat and his success can only be credited to his hands on approach to everything related to his business. He’s the artist behind the designs, he manages his shop, his websites including social media, product photography, and other aspects of the business. His passion has been able to speak volumes to the kid demographics by motivating kids to fulfill their purpose in life.

A word to the wise, “You only become what you want others to be by projecting your passion through a positive message.

Albert Ayala has nothing, but greatness if he continues the path of living his passion by innovation, passion, and drive. His word of advice to keep the those motivated, especially the young generation are “Never be scared to fail. The purpose of life is finding what you love. Happiness is the most important part of life.” When asked, “What’s next for Above Millions?” Ayala graciously says, “We’re going worldwide.” Although he wants his words to become reality only time and dedication can tell. Only thing you fans can do is, to never give up on a vision that has inspiration that Above Millions embodies.

Above Millions Company


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