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Charlie Kim “Me And My Girl” (Official MV)

featuring: Charlie Kim | Credit: ISA; Edited by: The SPARX Team

Written by Sean Wall

An enigma that to us (SPARX) is, very interesting enough that his music is different. Even with the old age the Blues genre attached to the young and boastful artists, Charlie Kim. It’s actually refreshing hearing someone take Blues to a new level as Kim is a new face to the scene, internationally. Although the ears are fairly new to his music, Charlie Kim definitely has a sound that makes you want to know how he makes his music. Very appropriate that he produces some his beats and music on his own, but recently back in February a truly risque music video was released by Charlie Kim with the collaborations with ISA (International Secret Agents) & THE MAIN SQUEEZE. It’s truly something when you can see sex sell, but the pseudo implication of it makes for a video that will be watched over and over again.

Charlie Kim’s debut single and MV (music video), “Me And My Girl” has all the making of a video with an edge, silhouettes of sexiness, and great lyrics that give reasons for the direction the video has gone. For the majority of the video, Kim is tied in a chair it’s possible he’s being held hostage by “his girl” or just someone who may know a little too much. Again like I mentioned in the prior article about Charlie, he’s a mystery that you want to know more about. Furthermore, the video is like a confession to the ‘girl’ that he’s referring to… or does he have a past with someone that may have broken his heart? Only the man singing has the answer to that.

Now I cam sit and type all day long about how this song is great in its own right, but it’s better that you make that case for yourselves. Listen and watch Charlie Kim’s debut single and music video entitled “Me And My Girl” below:

Charlie Kim’s LP “FUTURE BLUES :: GOOD & EVIL” is in production as he recently released a preview to the track “Deadman Walking“. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to ISA channel on YouTube. Also, support Charlie Kim by following his social outlets, Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud |

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