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“Jibun Kakumei” Miyavi (2008)

雅-MIYAVI via 2008 | Credit: Miyavi

Written by UkNO


Fairly new to the procedure in SPARX, the very essence of this is a review, right? A look back on what we see and hear from a collection of material, whether it be the music experience, a movie experience, or some sort of event we attend. Enough with the logistics of a review and onto the reason this is being written.

Miyavi is a Japanese artist who becomes a huge success internationally, for the simple fact that he’s good… NO, he’s undoubtedly amazing! You can say “He’s dic….. He is…. He’s a fanboy”, but his music and huge following proves he’s a major player in the music industry even though he doesn’t appeal so much in the United States. New flash, the United States isn’t the only market that matter when it comes to people listening and watching others provide a showcase of extraordinary entertainment. However, no artist goes without having a few bumps in their career as do many that have voyaged through the roads of success.

In 2008, Miyavi released a compilation album on Christmas Eve. Think of this as an early Christmas gift to the girls and boys of his fan club, major fan base, and music listeners all over the world. The album contained songs varying from both his indie and major label career, which is obviously fair. It’s the opportunity for his fans to hear some early work and major releases with a nice polished remix. The songs are remixed by former DJ TeddyLoid from his backup band the Kavki Boiz.

One song on the album stood out to me as it registered a sense of party atmospheric tone, is titled Jibun Kakumei. You can hear the remix pick up just from the start. Even though the melody and rhythm have that infectious lure of making for a heart-pounding hit, the message is what captures you into the song.

In Japanese: “Kagami yo kagami, mou kiete okure
“ara nande dai?” -What’s a matter?-
watashi wa watashi, anata wa anata,
so~ desho? aibou “o yasui goyou sa” -It’s so easy-

In English: Oh mirror oh mirror, please disappear already
(「Huh what’s up?」 -What’s a matter?-)
I am me, you are you, that’s it right?
(「It’s a simple thing」) -It’s so easy-“

Despite the tales of Japanese being a stern and harsh sounding language, it is definitely such a beautiful language for those who take the time to learn it for themselves. In the beginning, you heard a few words from Miyavi, “Disappoint…resignation…anxious…alienation…desperate…isolation…envious“. All words that have some negative connotation with the effects of the person feeling left out and alone. Furthermore, as you listen, you do hear that Miyavi is singing about the self-revealing of one’s actions in life. Whether you want to be exposed or want someone to hear about it is when we all have that self-revealing attitude in an inadvertent way to make others understand us. In the end being accepted of who you are is the ay to being happy no matter the circumstances.

Be yourself. Chances are you are the one in a million that will be rewarded for doing just that.

To listen to more of Miyavi’s music, head on over to iTunes | Spotify | Google Play
~ This is UkNO signing off, until next time peeps!

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