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Fear The Walking Dead: No Safe Harbor (Trailer)

Lately, coverage of AMC’s ratings juggernaut Walking Dead franchise has centered on the return of the main series, surprising new turns in character relationships, and a new installment in Telltale’s popular ongoing video game spinoff. But amid all this celebration of the mainline series and its spinoffs, AMC would like you to remember that the “companion prequel” series Fear The Walking Dead is also coming back for a second season on April 10, 2016.

Now, a new trailer has dropped for the bloody zombie-apocalypse series, promising an ever more intense look on just how the world got so out of control so fast. Set in and around Los Angeles in the early days of the zombie apocalypse that has engulfed the world in the continuity of the original series, Fear The Walking Dead centers on the survivors of a dysfunctional extended family who must band together in spite of their personal baggage, in order to endure a mounting onslaught by the recently-reanimated flesh-eating dead. Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Rubén Blades, Mercedes Masohn and more feature, with Daniel Zovatto, Dougray Scott and more set to join the rotation in season 2.

After season 1 ended with the characters fleeing L.A. for open water by boat, season 2 picks up in a new beachside location – which feels like a fairly decisive answer to season 1 criticisms that the series had not done enough to distinguish itself visually or tonally from its predecessor. Production of the series has moved to Mexico for the season, which indicates that further changes to aesthetic and surroundings are in order as the characters are pushed ever further by the unstoppable march of the zombie hordes.

Whereas the first season got a limited “test run” of only 6 full episodes, season 2 will more than double that with a planned run of 15. In addition, new episodes of the Talking Dead wrap-up series will air immediately after each episode for viewers who just can’t get enough of the franchise. While the zombie genre has become hit and miss at the multiplex, TV has provided the genre with unexpected longevity. While early reviews of the originals series wondered aloud how long the tone and intensity could be maintained on basic cable, the absolutely massive sustained ratings have proved conclusively that audiences can’t get enough of this particular brand of episodic horror.

While increasing criticism of repeating the same plotlines and padding out a diminishing amount of story content are likely to deter fans from their favorite zombie saga, the clear desire for the franchise to explore new directions could prove beneficial for Fear the Walking Dead, which is less bound to earlier material and established parameters than its predecessor.

Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead is set to begin on April 10, 2016

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