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Tier 1 Wrestling ‘One Year Later’ (2016) Breakdown

Credit: Tier 1 Wrestling & Wrestlers Laboratory; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

One Year Later and like that… history was made!

History in the sense that fans who spectated this thriving promotion from day one witnessed some amazing wrestling. In turn, it only created memories to last a lifetime along with the athletes that performed in that squared circle. There’s no doubt that Tier 1 Wrestling will boom into New York’s greatest wrestling promotion someday. Last night, with the debut of ‘Wrestlers Laboratory: Volume 1’ featuring some of indie wrestling’s upcoming athletes and the stacked card of Tier 1 Wrestling’s ‘One Year Later’ there’s no disputing that Tier 1 management is heading in the right direction.

3… 2… 1!

Credit: Wrestlers' Laboratory

Credit: Wrestlers’ Laboratory

Adrian Armour vs. Brick Mastone

The show opened with The Lab’s latest addition, ring announcer Brendan McMillen welcoming the audience in attendance for coming out to the show. The excited crowd was pumped to get the show started and the first match of the night began. The music hit and out came Brick Mastone followed by Adrian Armour. The pace of the match was dictated by the tradition of wrestling. Adrian has been only wrestling for three years and yet himself and Brick were taking their match to a new level of being different than average opening matches. After Adrian jumped from the turnbuckle he hit Brick in the chin with a devastating knee strike. Armour went for the cover of 3 to win the match. Before the second match started we were welcomed by

“The Hitman For Hire” Mr. Grim vs. Dicky Moon

Before the second match started we were welcomed by the leader of the stable “Crusaders of Change”, Mr. Darius Carter himself. He began to insult the audience that leads into him wanting them all to sing him a “Happy Birthday”, but drops of the wishes came to be and the crusader got angry when interrupted by a man free of life, bonding with his inner self, Dicky Moon and he was willing to show Mr. Carter a better side of life. Carter seemed to not even care about Moon as he walked off to the back. Mr. Grim would follow his way to the ring determined to prove himself in Brooklyn. In the entire match Moon would try his best to defend himself, but the brute force from “The Hitman for Hire” would take Moon all over the ring with a smash-mouth style from slams and crushing clotheslines. In the end, it was “The Hitman for Hire”: Mr. Grim walking away victorious and with Dicky Moon’s body literally in a body bag. That moment was chill-worthy didn’t expect to see that all. Dare I say that I got a Big E presence from Mr. Grim, of course, the pre-New Day Big E.

Ryan Galeone vs. Steve Scott vs. Mike ‘Colossal’ Law

The main event of ‘Wrestlers Laboratory’ was a special triple threat sure to end the show on a high note. Out comes a status-of-a-man in Ryan Galeone whose facial expression was not there to play any games. Following him was the selfie superstar himself, Steve Scott… WAIT LET HIM TAKE A SELFIE! Next came out the no-nonsense “Colossal” veteran Mike Law ready to make his presence known. The match itself focused a lot on of cutting the big man Galeone down to size. Some humorous spots played like Law using Scott as stepping stool to get Galeone in a headlock and Scott about take a selfie of himself but tries to photobomb it. Even though the humor kept up a but Galeone would finish the match with a devastating powerbomb delivered to Mike Law. Ryan Galeone would take no prisoners, especially with that dominating victory.

With that match marked ‘Wrestlers Laboratory: Volume 1’ into the history books. What will and can happen at The Lab will stay in the lab. Although new faces and fresh new styles will potentially catapult Volume 2 to a whole new level. Guess we jut have to wait and see in the coming weeks for the news to break.

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