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“Gambling With Fate” Featuring: Tribe Chillin | Presented by: SPARX Entertainment©

"Gambling With Fate" feat. Tribe Chillin; from right to left ANDWHY, Dream Catcher, Chief, Cloud, & Wave | Designed by The SPARX Team

Conducted by J. Johnson

Risk. Chance. Seizing the moment. Gambling with fate.

The word “risk” means the possibility of suffering a harmful event. Risk taking can bring either positive or negative result because anytime we take risks in life, there is a possibility of loss which can cause tension. But, many of us feel very uneasy when faced with risk-taking; we may become worried about the risk. Although some people are content in life by just playing it safe and not courting any trouble or hardship from taking chances, risk-taking is a fundamental part of life and it is necessary in order for us to be happy or, at least, find happiness. Confidence, Challenge, and Innovation plays a big part in taking risks. Building up the confidence to make difficult decisions is required in order to risk.

Tribe Chillin is back and taking that gamble. Taking the risk to reach out and succeed as they want. In 2015, it was evidently clear that their intention was to produce & perform the music that many have grown fond of. We even had them for their first feature article, getting to know who Tribe Chillin is. Not only does Chief, Wave, Cloud ANDWHY, & Dream Catcher take their music to an energetic level, but as individuals, they have a drive to reach for any opportunity placed in front of them. In 2016, we have seen just that as Tribe Chillin aims to be more than just a Vegas sensation, but a global force. So we have the distinct honor to sit with them again in this feature to see what they want out of 2016.

— The Interview —

J. Johnson: 2015 seems to have been a year where you were able to do a lot. What can you say was the best part of it?

Wave: My favorite part of 2015 was the shows; we played a lot of amazing shows last year in different places/venues and got to play with so many new faces. We met some of our idols and peers and the knowledge they gave us is irreplaceable.

CIoud: I would say for me the best part of last year was performing and meeting tons of different artist. 

Chief: To me the best part about it was just to share all the expirences with my brothers! We set a lot of goals and we were able to stick to them! 

J. Johnson: You’ve also incorporated a lot of upcoming talent from producers to artists. What was the thought process in trying to arrange that?

Wave: I’ve been the primary producer for the Tribe since I joined, so I think it was natural for us to branch out and work with new producers/artists, luckily most of those we work with have been friends for some time, so it makes working easier.

The Tribe: It’s funny because a lot of these local artists that we work with were our friends to begin with and a majority of our collaborations happen somewhat unintentionally. Sometimes we’ll be in the stu with a random combination of artists and or producers and just feel the vibe out and see what we come up with. Sometimes even social media helps us discover other talent that me may have interest in working with.

Chief: My thought process was to get a bunch of collaborations and network with people so we could all expand our music and talents creating a bigger platform, to build with each other!

J. Johnson: Haresha & Flow Simpson. What are some of the comparative musical aspects The Tribe has to them?

Wave: Firstly, they like to have a good time. They always bring positive energy. They are always down to work, when we get in the studio the gears start turning and hours later we’ll have a new song. We’ve got the same mentality.

Dreamcatcher: First off let me just say I love when the Tribe works with Flow Simpson & Haresha. They really help us make the music process fun and to where it doesn’t even feel like a studio session, just some buddies hanging out and having a good time. All of us are so unique and approach music differently, without trying to force a certain sound on our music, we just stick with what flows naturally and it’s worked for us so far.

Chief: Well we all share the same love for music and a drive that is like no other! We all strive to progress and create every single day so we easily click together, it was like we were all supposed to meet!

J. Johnson: Throughout the previous year, The Tribe has performed in a wide-range of shows. It definitely shows a commitment of doing anything to become one of the best. Can you describe the difference between house shows (literal) and live shows?

Cloud: I think that house shows are definitely a lot more local and easy going. They are fun and it gives us the chance to interact with the fans more. Live shows are a little bit more structured. So far I’m the only artist in the group that’s over 21 so performing at certain venues can have restrictions. 

Dreamcatcher: Most of the time house shows are put together by us or others that are close to us. I’d say we have a little more control over what happens at house shows and it gives us the freedom to to what we want and invite all of our closest friends regardless of their age. It’s kind of like hosting a party!

Tribe Chillin: Live shows are fun because not only is there huge equipment but also  known acts! In January we got to chop it up and chill with Demrick, Dizzy Wright & Dj Hoppa before the show we had so it’s cool networking! House shows are very fun though because it’s all love you know? People come out and vibe with us and it’s usually all of our friends performing! Also we have dope raffles and the overall expirence of the show is intrinsically rewarding!

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