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January 2016’s Features (PRESS RELEASE)

JackEL (left) & CK Noir (right) | Credit: The SPARX Team

The year of 2016 is in full force with the unveiling of our 2016 Initiative back in December. It detailed the upcoming ventures in our expansion for more original content and new projects to help others in getting their time to shine. That’s the overall mission for Sparx Entertainment, to ensure our direct and indirect clients generate an amount of exposure for themselves. It’s something that we take pride in. Our most functional and productive venture to help with that as a leg-up is the features. The features give our readers an in-depth look at the rising stars. A look at those entertainers from music to the big stage what their life is like behind the sights and sounds.

In January, our first features will bring the Miami 90’s styling artist CK Noir and Vegas’ high rolling DJ/Producer JackEL. Both artists have expressed that 2016 is their year to show what they got for their fan base. CK Noir panders to the Hip-Hop/Rap audience and JackEL caters to the EDM & club scene to take over the Vegas/Nevada audience.

JackEL a DJ from Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada) has been able to accomplish that for his general expression of music. As he likes to be referred to be a ‘Musical Leader, Sound Enthusiast’, DJ, and Producer the young, talented music connoisseur has explored many avenues of the music industry. The young artist has been able to capture a fan base that supports his music throughout the beginning of his career. Even with that as the new year is here he looks to make the next big leap in his music career. There’re many new sounds that JackEL is working until this day so there’s a lot to be heard in the year 2016.

JackEL “Bright Light, Bigger Dreams” is set for January 27th

Here’s a little sample of JackEL:

CK Noir, an artist that resides from Miami, Florida, but born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His hardship life didn’t deter him from pursuing his dream as a rapper. He’s been heavily influenced by many 1990s hip-hop/rap legends, but always making a sound of his own on his life. As he evolves the music he produces changes with the time, but doesn’t lose that essence of what his fans enjoy. With a troubling life that he and his friends began to experience together, his life started to take a turn. Even with all that CK never lets the past haunt him as the music the Noir City leader has a lot to offer for this year.

CK Noir “The Rise Of the Noir City” is set for January 22nd

Here’s CK’s latest MV “Slow Sip”:

ColdKid’s “Street Poetry” is set to release next year on January 26th! For more info & updates on CK Noir & JackEL Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid | RealColdKid | JackEL DJ/Producer | @OfficialJackEL | officialjackel 

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