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Star Wars Battlefront II: The Classes Are In Session

Credit: EA

Battlefront II introduces a brand-new aspect that will change the dynamic of gameplay.

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Sean Wall

Last year, Star Wars Battlefront had great gameplay where you experienced battles from across the galaxy from the original Star Wars trilogies. It didn’t possess a single-player where you were able to gain access to content but did feature content to be unlocked through playing online and completing various tasks or ‘Hutt Contracts’. You were able to unlock various weapons, customizable items to your character, and star cards that expanded your arsenal for the battlefield. During the E3 Xbox Conference, EA revealed that this time there’s a new class system where it will change the battle across many galaxies.

Despite the fact that classes are added to this year’s Battlefront you will still be able to wreck havoc alone but if you work together you and your group will practically be unstoppable. Each class has a unique role in the game and works in concert with the rest of them. Whether it’s the Officer class giving orders to the Assaults or the Specialists assisting the Heavy class there’s always a way to turn the tide in your favor.


Credit: EA

Via they explain the strengths of each class and how well they work with the others during the gameplay:

Assault is a fast, hard hitting short-to-medium range trooper relying on strong anti-personnel firepower and forward mobility. Assault troopers excel at closing in on enemies and destroying them. They move the front forward, flank enemy positions, and push foes out of the way. They create openings for teammates, claim new ground for the Heavies and Specialists to move in and hold, and provide the offensive core of their team’s tactical execution.

Sometimes, you need to lay down a rain of suppression fire, hold the line near a capture point, or brute-force your way through a narrow corridor. Utilizing high durability and a personal body shield, the Heavy trooper is an offensive and defensive juggernaut well suited to any of these tasks. He’s not quite as nimble as other classes, but he makes up for the lack of agility with raw toughness and power. The Heavy takes territory and dominates it.

Officers makes their allies stronger. They apply powerful buffs to surrounding troopers. They’re the lynchpins holding teams together, using their abilities to help everyone around them fight more effectively. Officers directly affect the tactical situation by employing powerful automated weapons like Blaster Turrets to sweep open areas, cover the flanks, or lock down choke points.

Specialists are the tricksters of the battlefield. They employ deadly traps to attack enemy forces, reveal battlefield intelligence to their comrades, and snipe at enemies with long-distance weaponry. They’re extremely powerful on defense and create openings for teammates by eliminating threats.

A new aspect that expands the competitive drive of Battlefront players is the all new ‘spawn waves’ which reinforces the notion of teamwork. The Imperial Fleet didn’t take over the galaxy by being a one-man power trip. The ‘spawn waves’ allows players to queue and spawn together in four-member. Each respawn takes the player into a lobby where they’ll be able to coordinate with others to launch an onslaught with their class, reinforcement, vehicle, and hero configurations before going back into the battle.

From the progress you make throughout the game’s single player it will have lasting effect on your multiplayer experience. You will continuously earn more Star Cards, gaining access to special and customized options launching the imagination into a galaxy far far away. EA also revealed that Trooper Star Cards are tied to a class and follows you through the three cinematic eras. Unlike Battlefront I there’s a wider range of Star Card modification options that will advance your play style as you get ready for the battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available everywhere November 17th and those who pre-order will gain early access and bonus content.

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