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New Year New Rivals (2016)

'New Year New Rivals' (2016) promotional banner | Credit: WildKat Pro Wrestling

Written by: J. Johnson

Last month, we met respectable and veteran pro wrestler Luke Hawx. In 14 minutes we learned a lot about him from him living his dreams as a pro wrestler to being a dedicated and loving family man. The honor was definitely a pleasure as learning some of the things he’s done in his career ultimately helped him venture down a path as being a the owner of a rising wrestling promotion known as WildKat Pro Wrestling (Sports & Entertainment) in good ole Louisiana. Previously partnering up with fellow veteran pro wrestler Orlando Jordan the WildKat brand is becoming one of many pro wrestling promotions out there to host a variety of talent that want nothing to do, but entertain the fans that support by wrestling. Even though entertainment is a factor in the product of WildKat it doesn’t shine above the passion of what the talent displays every night they perform.

This Saturday, is their 1st major event of 2016. Properly named ‘New Year New Rivals’ which will showcase some of the hometown wrestlers at their best. Some of the WildKat like Bestia 666, Bu Ku Dao, J. Spade, Curt Matthews, Matt Lance, and Luke Hawx. Along with some surprise appearances by O.D.B. & Brian Kendrick; both of which have appeared in promotions like WWE & TNA, the event seems to be stacked for the ‘Bayou State’. O.D.B will be teaming up with Savannah Evans to face off against ‘The Iron Maidens’ (Katie Forbes & Amaiya Jade) and Brian Kendrick takes on Vordell “Shooter” Walker. That’s a lot of teaching for students of the “game”.

In the upcoming event ‘New Year New Rivals’, the WildKat Revolution Championship will be on the line with the champion Bestia 666 and challenger Curt Matthews. In the recent weeks that followed from the promoting of the event there was an interview featuring the two wrestlers. On the multiple surprise appearances leading up to the event former WWE general manager Teddy Long conducts an interview that displays an heated exchanges among the two.


Bestia 666 vs. Curt Matthews, WildKat Revolution Championship; ‘New Year New Rivals’ (2016)| Credit: WildKat Pro Wrestling

After Danny Flamingo and J. Spade had a storied rivalry where the two have been able to put on some spectacular matches, but this time around it seems like Korey Konstantine is the young professional wrestler’s eyes. Tomorrow night will be start of great things to come this year. It will show the development of some true down-south traditional Southern wrestling. So there’s no telling what will happen, but when you can book some great talent maybe WildKat will give you a little taste of how it will go:

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