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TheFungBros Presents: ‘Types of Asian Guys At The Club’

Written by J. Johnson

The Fung Brothers have made a living just doing what they dreamt of doing, as comedians, artists, and foodies. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want that for themselves? Being featured in TV shows and various magazines, they still have the drive to make it to higher levels of success. Even so, after all, the accolades, they have achieved making an impact on the community, they managed to produce their own YouTube videos which are something that everyone can enjoy.

With that being said, we know… Yes, you’re entitled to your own opinion, BUT these young comedic gentlemen have a valid point. Although some things can be controversial…. I don’t know about controversial, let just say they have fun with any topic they can film.

So without further ado, here’s:

Twitter: @FungBros | @DavidBFung | @AndrewJFung

David’s Instagram: DavidBFung | Andrew’s Instagram: AndrewJFung

Facebook: thefungbros

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